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Workshop 01/09/2015

Last week I attended the Phase Field Methods Workshop at Northwestern University, see the PDF document about the meeting. The meeting was really aimed at finding ways to unify the effort in developing computational tools for phase field simulations and especially to reduce replicated effort. The main actionable item that came out of the meeting was a requirement for a focused web presence for meta analysis and discussion of the various phase field codes available. The general consensus was that a GitHub presence for the community could serve this purpose. It was suggested that the NIST contingent take charge of this item along with the some of the initial contributions.


What are the aims of a GitHub site for the phase field community:

I should add the caveat that the above is probably biased in favor of some of my own ideas rather than ideas from all suggestions at the meeting.

Setting up the GitHub site

Of course we could just create a GitHub organization with the name “chimad_phase_field” and have unlimited public repositories. It’s free. However, my NIST based colleagues were fairly sure that we should create this organization within the “usnistgov” organization. This raises the question of whether sub-organizations can be created in GitHub. I’m unsure about this currently.

A second point of discussion was whether we needed an organization at all or just a repository. From my perspective a single repository is really not going to handle the kind of contributions that we are interested in (multiple codes maybe, different disconnected meta-analyses). The alternative is to just have a team and have multiple repositories connected with the team as a poor man’s organization. This may work failing all else.

Before setting this up, I’m awaiting the input of several NIST colleagues in order to see what direction we should go in and whether I’m officially allowed to set up a GitHub organization external to NIST.

Mailing List

One item that we should deal with in short order is the creation of a mailing list. The choices are:

A mailing list for the community is really important.

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